Design Plans

No measure is too much when it comes to member safety. The new facility will include new sprinklers and heat sensors, ample outdoor lighting and surveillance, key fob entry, alarm systems and much more.

Alpha Gamma Delta is one of four sororities at North Dakota State University. With chapter total close to 100 members, a facility to rival other chapters and provide amenities to compete with campus and other local options is key to attracting new members and women who want to live in the facility.

All furnishing and fixtures in the facility will be new. The new design for the chapter house will fuse modern and traditional elements, highlighting the chapter, Fraternity and university history through a variety of colors, patterns, textures, photographs and original artwork.




Floor Plans

Construction planning is being conducted in conjunction with the architecture firm Cunningham + Associates based out of Columbia, Missouri. Demolition and construction began during the summer of 2018 and is scheduled for a fall 2019 completion date.

first floor
second floor
Beta Beta.png